Trish-modeling_MagazinePageIn the year 2000, Trish Steele the founder of Women Crowned In Glory, Inc. started the “Stepping Stones to a New Life’ program under the Safe Passage division. She drew upon her own past experience with domestic violence, overcoming all forms of abuse, hearing loss, and hopelessness with the help of many experts who gave their time and services to rebuild her life and break the cycle of abuse.


The Safe Passage program has a 95% proven track record of helping survivors of domestic violence find their way to a stable job, new home, relationship with God and a healthy family. More than 1700 women and children have come to Safe Passage for support, as Safe Passage receives approximately 60 calls per month from survivors.


This organization has received recognition certificates from President Obama, past Mayor Villaraigosa, City Controller Ron Galperin, Wendy Greuel, Councilman Dennis Zine and Sheriff John Scott. Safe Passage has been featured on television news with CBS2/KCAL9, Fox and NBC4. Today CBS2 still air the PSA (Public Service Announcement) to bring awareness of the extraordinary services that Safe Passage provides.


This charity celebrates the fifteenth year of success providing the right tools to break the cycle and transform the lives of these women and their children.