• Safe Passage, DBA of Women Crowned in Glory, Inc. is a non-profit 501(C)3 corporation with a purpose to shelter, educate, equip and direct women and their children of domestic violence to safety and a new life.


  •  With Safe Passage, women and children victims of domestic violence make great personal strides and re-established themselves into their own residence, new jobs, and new life within 6 months of being on the Stepping Stones to a New Life program.


  •  Safe Passage collaborates with other domestic violence organizations and shelters in order to increase the donated services & products from the local businesses that are helping the needs of abused women and their children.


  •  Safe Passage offers the best assistance in empowering women to heal from the damage of abuse. These women develop a positive image to be able to succeed in life on their own.


  •  Unlike other shelters, which house’s women for one to two years, Safe Passage believes they can effectively transformed the women in the shelters to be independent in six months. After this time, Safe Passage continues to provide ongoing support for any challenges.


  •  Safe Passage clients have a 95% success rate in breaking the cycle of domestic violence and creating a new life for themselves. Each client becomes a strong voice, sharing their success story to the community that others may be inspired with hope to break away from abuse. 


  •  Trish Steele founded Safe Passage in 2000 when she realized more needed to be done for the 3.5 million annual victims of domestic violence. As author, model, beauty consultant and spokesperson, Trish brings great awareness to the issues of domestic violence, a great example of how an abused woman can be restored and start a new life of success.


  •  Safe Passage strives off of its team of experts that includes doctors, dentists, career mentors,  counselors, nutritionists, interior decorators and more professionals that donate their time and services to our women and children in need.


  •  Since 2000, more than 1700 women and their children have come to Safe Passage looking for shelter and support. Over 60 emergency calls a month are directed everyday to the right resources to safety and hope.


  •  During 2001-2003 the Safe Passage oversaw the first transitional home in Sherman Oaks. Before this, emergency shelter had been provided through the Steele’s home.


  •  President Obama, City Controller Wendy Greuel, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Council Member Denise Zine awarded Trish with a “Certificate of Appreciation” for her outstanding citizenship and activities enhancing community betterment.